Etienne Werly

Etienne Werly

My personal website

Self taught in computer science, using Linux since 2013 and self hosting since 2020, I am taking a new turn to web development after a start as a mathematics teacher.


Computer science

I have a regular use of computers since 2012, which I mostly learned using by self-teaching. In 2020, I put up, a self hosted server which was an entry point towards web technologies. Of particular interest to me is the challenge of developing static -for the moment- and lightweight websites. I discovered grav, and now wish to develop my own CMS written in Haskell, to deploy might static sites.


  • Python
  • C
  • Haskell
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • PHP

Tools of the trade

  • LaTeX
  • git

Professional experience

Between 2016 and 2023 I have taught mathematics for all ages from 10 to 20.

  • Teacher for the Éducation Nationale for undergrads.
  • Teacher for the Université Paul Sabatier for freshmen.
  • Teacher for Epitech, freshmen to junior students: mathematics lessons built on small projects.


  • Competitive exam "agrégation de mathématiques" (35 out of 305) in 2016, prepared at the École Nomrale Supérieure of Cachan.
  • Master of Science in Quantum Physics at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris.
  • Bachelor of Science in Fundamental Physics at the Paris Sud University.