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Self taught in computer science, using Linux since 2013 and self hosting since 2020, I am taking a new turn to web development after a start as a mathematics teacher.


Inkscape tutorial: Scrape

Today I had a first go at using Path Effects, a door opened to a whole new set of tools!

A black sheet called "Scrape Drawing study" displaying a cone and a sphere as if it was scratch art


The prompt, Scrape, really made me think of this scratch art where you have a black sheet of paper chich you can scratch to reveal white in selected places, and...

Inkscape tutorial: Armadillo

Only two days after my first try at wallpapers group, I'm trying it out again, with a representation of the group called 3*3.

Armadillos everywhere, forming a repeated motif with three-fold symmetry


Armadillos are awesome, and can easily fit in a hexagon, which is a good basis for three-fold symmetric motifs.

After try...

Inkscape tutorial: Empty

Meet Empty Dumpty, the apathetic alter ego of Humpty Dumpty. It likes nothing, nor does it dislike things. He simply stares.

A gloomy looking egg with a hollow gaze in front of a joyful card displaying the lyrics of Empty Dumpty


When I read the 14th prompt, empty, my thoughts went very quickly to the lore of Hollow Knight, the video game by Team Che...

Inkscape tutorial: kind

Not gonna lie, I am not a fan of my production today... The prompt was kind, and I had a hard time coming up with something.

An assembly of animals, all the same in a regular arrangement, one of them opens bright eyes


I had a hard time coming up with an idea to illustrate the word 'kind'. I was going back and forth between the different meanings...

Inkscape tutorial: forget

Inktober's 12th prompt was on the abstract side: forget.

The picture of a forest traversed by a ray of light appears to desintegrate


It took some time for the idea of a disintegrating image to emerge. I wanted to depict a memory lost as some sort of data erasure. It felt natural that there would be a pitch black background beh...

Inkscape tutorial: Eagle

The 11th prompt of Inktober is Eagle. I decided to explore the isometric projection, a common projection pattern.

An eagle made from cubes in isometric projection


Any projection consists of projecting a 3D shape onto a plane. Among projection methods are

  • the orthographic projections which pro...

Inkscape tutorial: crabby

Crabby monday... I am trying out another only circles drawing, a bit more rigorously than last monday's drawing. I am again inspired by one of Logos By Nick's video.

A crabby crab


One of the difference with the bat drawing is that I will choose some circle size...

Inkscape tutorial: match

The 8th prompt is match. I went full geometrical to explore some of Inkscape's precision techniques that help achieve nicely put together shapes.

A very twisted match, the shape of Hilbert's filling curve


I had decided to work a bit on precision placement and precise shape crafting, once again inspired by Logo...

Inkscape tutorial: Trip

Of the many reasons why I'm trying out Inktober this month the two main are that I unexpectedly have free time right now, and that I want to progress in designing with Inkscape. Today, I wanted to try out a more conventional design, following again some ideas of flat design...

Inkscape tutorial: Bouquet

Today's submission got me to think about plants, and fiddling around with Inkscape I got the idea to use the L-systems extension, a nifty tool for procedural drawing.

Imaginary plantsgenerated with L-systems, as on a cyanotype impress


When I settled on using L-systems to generate plants, I first wanted to draw some ki...

Inkscape tutorial: flame

Today's prompt is flame, which inspired me to toy with Inkscape's gradients. I wanted to have some shapes appear partially in the light of a candle, on a pitch black background.

A candle feebly lights the skeleton of the five platonic solids


I had never tried to use Inkscape's gradients before, but I figured it could...

Inkscape tutorial: the scallop

Amongst other things, I decided to give Inktober on Inkscape a go to practice drawing using a flat design approach. I like some of the quirks that emerged from this design, and want to practice it.

A scallop on a dark background with rainbow light falling from it


For this prompt I decided to create one of the cl...

Inkscape tutorial: the bat

The silhouette of a bat, as in a blueprint

I decided to practice Inkscape, and since it's october I wanted to use the Inktober prompts as inspiration. Here is a short tutorial of how I drew the bat.


I decided to try and draw the blueprint of a bat, as some kind of technical drawing, and inspir...

How I decided to handle emails


I recently set up a self-hosted server, and use it amongst other things for mail. I also have a handful of other mail addresses (a number I'd like to see go down), and had the habit to have local access to my mails on my computer.

I discovered notmuch...